This Day (Revolts A-Brewing Edition)

On this day in 1864, James Cannon Jr. was born in Salisbury, Maryland. He went on to become a bishop in the southern Methodist Church and, in 1901, to found the Virginia Anti-Saloon League. No fan of the drop, this one. And his organization developed the above “temperance game” (“Play It with Your Family!”)—which is not so much a game as the juxtaposition of pro- and anti-beer quotations—to make this very simple point: Beer is bad.

DIETICIAN: “Beer is food and drink combined. Non-fattening dietetically, it can be easily included in reducing diets. Its appetizing flavor certainly improves the taste of a fine meal … makes good food taste better!” Brewers Adv.
EXPERIMENT IN LABORATORIES. “14 glasses of beer do not contain the food value of one glass of milk.” To obtain enough food value to exist on beer, one would imbibe enough to poison to kill. “During the last ten years of prohibition milk consumption increased 17%. Since repeal a steady decline in use of milk. Present national consumption is now 64% below health requirement.”
HOUSEWIFE: “I’ll tell you what beer is … an ideal beverage for home use and entertainment. And here’s a tip … It’s smart and economical to serve beer at parties … keeps them on the moderation side, too.” Brewers Adv.
SOCIAL WORKER REPORT: Thousands of homes being turned into Hell on earth by drinking and drunken mothers; neglect of children, husband; homes becoming untidy and sloppy. A MASCULINE REVOLT IS BREWING IN DEFENSE OF CHILDREN, WIFE AND HOME.”

Get it? Brewing?
IMAGES: “What Is Beer?” issued by the Anti-Saloon League of Virginia, 1920 (University of Virginia Special Collections); Bishop James Cannon Jr. (Duke University Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library)


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