This Day (In the Weeds Edition)

Civil War Civil War Civil War, and if you want to get all in the weeds about it, then check out our entry on the Appomattox Campaign. You’ll learn about where Lee was first thing in the morning on this day in 1865, and about Little Billy Mahone‘s fighting in the late afternoon, and what was happening at Cumberland Church in the evening.
On this day a year earlier, meanwhile, the Virginia Convention nobody’s heard of or cares about voted on a new constitution. These were the folks who stayed in the Union but didn’t go to West Virginia. They maintained the government of Virginia throughout the war, and in 1864 established a new constitution that abolished slavery, recognized West Virginia, and funded free schools.
Kind of amazing.
IMAGE: Home to the Virginia Convention of 1864, Alexandria, Va., 1861-69. “The Marshall house, King & Pitt Streets.” Wet plate glass negative, left half of stereo pair. Photographer unknown.


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