This Day (In the Affirmative Edition)

Of course, on this day in 1743 — a Saturday (I checked) — Thomas Jefferson was born.
The Daily Progress in Charlottesville has an online news story today with the all-cap head: “HOLIDAY CLOSINGS,” but don’t worry. If you actually read the fine print, you’ll find federal offices: open; state government offices: open; postal service: open; ABC stores: open (thank God!); banks: open; DMV: open; bus service: normal; schools: open; trash pickup: normal; recycling facility: open.
Sorry, TJ.
In the meantime, I once made my wife watch a terrible movie nevertheless dear to me: Foul Play, starring Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn. And I have spent the last several years wondering, “Is it really THAT bad?” And she replies, simply, “Yes.”
So, on this day in 1946, the Richmond Times-Dispatch editor Virginius Dabney published a national magazine essay titled, “Is the South That Bad?” He apparently meant besides Jim Crow and lynchings and the KKK. He meant, you know, for white people.
While my wife, clearly, is wrong, history has the last word for Dabney: Yes.


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