This Day (In G-Minor)
160 years ago today, President William Henry Harrison (aka Tippecanoe) died after only thirty-two days in office. He was from Virginia but pretended to be from Ohio.
Over the weekend, the VCU basketball team fell on the anniversary of Richmond falling. Coincidence? Jeff Davis and R. E. Lee got the news during what was probably an otherwise dull sermon by Charles Minnigerode.
And two days later, which is to say today in 1865, Abraham Lincoln arrived in Richmond with his son Tad. Legend has it he swung by George Pickett‘s place while he was in town. “He’s not here,” said his wife Sally. “I know that ma’am. I am Abraham Lincoln.”
True or unabashed b.s.?
Decide for yourself.
VIDEO: The Fall of Richmond (In G-Minor)


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