This Day (First Draft Edition)

On this day in 1862, the Confederate Congress passed the first Conscription Act, making all white males between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five eligible to be drafted into military service. This was the first such draft in United States history.
IMAGE: A poster urges young men to avoid conscription by volunteering for the Confederate army; Charleston, South Carolina Tennessee, 1862 (Library of Congress)


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  1. As far as can be told, the “S. M. Dennison” above was Samuel M. Dennison, born circa 1835. Evidently he field to raise this company, since his service record shows him as a private, 43rd TN Infantry. After the war he moved to Brtholomew County, IN, and farmed there.
    BTW the caption should read “Charleston, Tennessee”, not “Charleston, South Carolina”.


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