This Day (Dare to Believe Edition)

On this day in 1587, Virginia Dare was baptized on Roanoke Island in the English settlement that then was called Virginia. She had been born six days earlier, the first child of English parents born in North America, and many years later—after her grandfather, John White, had sailed back to England and all the Lost Colonists had become famously lost—she reappeared as a white doe.
Little known fact.
Happy birthday wishes, as well, go out to John Newton (b. 1822) and Lyon Gardiner Tyler (b. 1853). Newton was a Virginia-born Civil War general who fought—gasp!—for the Union. He also had a great knack for explosives. In the meantime, Tyler, rather famously, has two living sons, at least one of whom is more active than I am!
IMAGE: Baptism of Virginia Dare by Henry Howe, 1880


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