This Day (As They Dreamed Edition)

On this day in 1897, John Singleton Mosby lost his left eye and fractured his skull in a carriage accident in Charlottesville. Not to be gruesome, but the injury is noticeable in the above picture of Mosby and his former lieutenant, John S. Russell.
In 1853, Thomas Nelson Page (author of Marse Chan: A Tale of Old Virginia) was born, and ninety-eight years and a whole civilization-shift after that, Barbara Johns led striking students out of Robert Russa Moton High School in Prince Edward County.
“They desired but a level path in life,” as Page wrote in Marse Chan, “and that they had, though the way was longer, and the outer world strode by them as they dreamed.”
PS: One should also note that today is Shakespeare’s birthday, too. His Virginia connection—in case you needed one—is here.


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