There Was Never Any Mention of Slavery

This is from the Marvel comic Gunhawks (1972), about Kid Cassidy, the son of a white planter, and Reno Jones, one of the planter’s slaves, who join forces for the Confederacy during the Civil War. “It was a happy life!” Jones—apparently one of those elusive black Confederates—exclaims. The boy elaborates:

You see, not all the plantation owners were cruel masters with whips and chains! The man who owned me, for instance—he was a good man—treated me like a son—clothed me—educated me! … My mother was the chief cook in the mansion, and the kid’s father had me tutored right along with his own son … It was a happy life! There was never any mention of slavery … and all the blacks there came and went as they pleased … in addition to being paid for their work!

One critic suggests this might be the “most appalling comic” he’s ever read. (h/t Kevin Levin)


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