The Poetry of Scanning

On the right-hand sidebar of this page you’ll find “Good Things to Read,” which contains links that we recommend, not all of which pertain directly to our business here at the encyclopedia. A case in point would be The Art of Google Books. The images above ought to prove that this is just a very cool, and very simple, site. Enjoy.
IMAGES: Top: Full-color vs. black-and-white images, from Motion Picture Classic, v. 3-4 ( 1915). Original from The University of Michigan. Digitized May 9, 2011; middle: portions of a map crossing the digital gutter, from p. 344-5 of The History of Herodotus, v. I, by Herodotus (1737); bottom left: title page with ownership marks (“Molly Briscoes [sic]”, “Patty Briscoe”, University of Virginia library stamp), partially obscured (by placeholder?), from front matter of Sermons to Young Women, v.2 by James Fordyce; bottom right: folded map in a scan of the Seal Fisheries of the Behring Sea


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