"That's My Book"

Speaking of Armed Services Editions, they figure in this great little scene from the World War II movie The Big Red One, directed by Samuel Fuller and starring the great Lee Marvin, Mark “Skywalker” Hamill, and Robert “Revenge of the Nerds” Carradine. The film is a semi-autobiographical account of Fuller’s own experiences in the war. He claimed to have enlisted so as to write a great novel, and here Carradine (playing the Fuller character) notices one of his buddies reading The Dark Deadline, a book that he himself has published. And you’ll notice that Fuller cares enough about the details here to make that book an Armed Services Edition. Here’s the full scene (with commentary from film critic Richard Schickel).

IMAGE: A scene from The Big Red One, dir. Samuel Fuller (1980)


One thought on “"That's My Book"

  1. Here’s the real question: What ever happened to that prop book? The Dark Deadline was an alternate title of Fuller’s book, but his ASE was entitled The Dark Page. The book in the film is a dummy–a book which never really existed.


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