Stonewall Jackson All Coke'd Up

The blog Emerging Civil War recently posted this wonderful World War II–era advertisement for Coca-Cola, featuring Stonewall Jackson.

The artwork and part of the text originally appeared in a 1931 campaign, rebooted in June 1943 to tie the nation’s current military activity to a long line of military service—and when servicemen needed a break from their grueling work, they took a pause. Naturally, those pauses involved refreshing bottles of ice-cold Coca-Cola.
How does Jackson tie in? After all, Coke—as Southern as it is—wasn’t issued to Confederate soldiers as part of their rations because it hadn’t been invented yet.
“Stonewall Jackson taught us what the pause that refreshes really means,” the ad says. Ah, yes–of course that’s how he ties in!

You thought the Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1862 was already pretty impressive? Now imagine Stonewall on Coke!
Anyway, it didn’t take too much effort to find other Coke ads from the same time period. You can enlarge them by clicking on the images.


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  1. Well done some very interesting and patriotic stuff. Never drink coke myself but think it a grand alternative to alcohol. I am editor of an American Civil War Internet magazine The Bugle produced in Australia for ACWRTQ. I have an old copy of the ad with Stonewall and was delighted to have access to a better quality image. Good work. Robert T.


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