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  1. Hello my boyfriend has this picture, number 30, with original genuine design label on the back, we would like to know if it is worth anything we found it at a garage sale if you have any information please let us know everything preciate thank you very much tammy

  2. Thanks for your comment, Tammy. Looks like what you have is a numbered print rather than the original, so I doubt it’s worth all that much. But I’m probably the wrong person to ask. Good luck!

  3. I also have this painting. It is mated and framed making it 28″ by 24″. It has the label on the back stating…This Gelatone is guaranteed to be genuine by the Associated American Artist’s, Inc. 711 Ave. New York 22, NY. it also (the label on the back) tells about the artist’s life. I got in from an elderly friend when she passed away about 20 years ago. It’s been in a closet and now I am wondering if it’s worth anything. At the top of the label it says “SPRINGTIME IN VIRGINIA” and below saying….from the original oil painting. It is signed in the left corner by Nicolai Cikovsky, #39. Does it have any value?
    Thanks so much for any information you can give me,

  4. I’m curious as well, I have #38 — found in a pile of rubbish. Does anyone know if there is a value, or can you direct me to a source of information.
    Thank you.


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