"South Peaceful"

Yesterday’s “This Day” post referenced Linwood Holton‘s famous back-to-school trip with his daughter. Here’s the front page of the New York Times for September 1, 1970, in which the two were featured in a large photograph. The accompanying story’s headline notes: “South Peaceful as Many Schools Are Integrated.”
IN OTHERWISE UNRELATED NEWS: I was looking to see how Virginia papers covered this event, and to the extent that I found coverage (I wasn’t able to look at the Richmond papers, for example), it was tiny and without photography. What I did find, however, was a feature, on the front page of the September 1, 1970, Danville Bee, called “Today’s Queer Story.” This day’s installment was about a fellow in Miami named Vladimir Zzzyd, rhymes with “kid,” who had the honor of being last in the Miami telephone directory. Queer, isn’t it?! Picture of story below the fold.


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