Original Author: C. E. Girardey & Company, auction house
Created: ca. 1859
Medium: Letter-press broadside

Valuable Slaves at Auction

This letter-press broadside created for C. E. Girardey and Company, an auction house in New Orleans, advertises an upcoming sale of twenty enslaved men, women, and children—and an additional two-year-old child not yet ready for work. The auction was to take place place on February 3, 1859, at the City Hotel. The first names of ten men and ten women are listed, as well as their occupations. Among the enslaved men were skilled craftspeople, including carpenters, blacksmiths, and a stone cutter, as well as a thirty-year-old "mulatto" who could serve as a "house and confidential servant"; the rest of the men were designated as field hands. Among the women, specific skills listed included cooking, washing, ironing, and tending to a white child. Twelve-year-old Betsy was deemed a suitable house servant, as was thirteen-year-old Pauline who spoke both French and English and would be a "good house girl and child’s nurse."