She's Right, Of Course (Signed Books 2)

Having just posted some author signatures found on Google Books, I can’t help but recall a couple of my own signed books. For instance:
A number of years ago, when I lived in Maine, a friend of mine called me from Seattle. “Do you know Thisbe Nissen?” he asked, figuring that I might have crossed paths with the writer in my Iowa City days. No, I didn’t know her, not personally. We had a few mutual friends. The paper I edited had run a review of her novel. Beyond that … “I can tell you she’s hot,” I told him. That seemed important to me at the time. Turns out all he wanted to know was whether he was going to be bored when his girlfriend took him to Thisbe’s reading the next night.
I didn’t think about the conversation after that. Not until a week later, when I came home from work to a package, postmarked Seattle. It was Thisbe Nissen’s novel, The Good People of New York.
I flipped to the title page. How lovely. It was signed.

Mortification wouldn’t be too strong a word.
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