Say Hello to Your Mama

I offer up “I Hope Yer There,” a song that is seven years old now but just discovered by yours truly over the Thanksgiving holiday, for no other reason than it references not one but two people in the encyclopedia: Edgar Allan Poe and Nat Turner. How you build a song that finds room for those two together, let alone how you build an entire album built exclusively on samples from bargain-bin CDs that cost no more than one dollar—well, that’s for you to listen and find out. The artist is Tim Fite, who can be found here. Another obscure but worthwhile reference from the song after the jump.
EARLIER: This Johnny Rotten song, misinterpreted (?) by the New Yorker, also mentions stuff in the encyclopedia. Other examples?


Romare Bearden
IMAGE: The Train by Romare Bearden, 1975 (Romare Bearden Foundation)


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