Created: ca. 1920
Medium: Material Culture, Photographic postcard


Rosemont, the house shown in this postcard, was the Laurens County, South Carolina, birthplace of Ann Pamela Cunningham, the founder of the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association. The Cunningham family owned and occupied Rosemont from the late eighteenth-century to 1930, when the house burned. The Cunningham wealth came from enslaved labor in the production of indigo, tobacco, and, eventually, cotton, on the 10,000-acre plantation.

This postcard, dating to about 1920, includes this caption: “Rosemont… Colonial Homestead of the Cunningham Family. Home of Miss Pamela Cunningham, founder of Mt. Vernon Association. Twelve miles from Laurens, S.C. The timber was cut in South Carolina, carried to England, sawed, and brought back to build this house.” A handwritten note reads: “Miss Florida lived here also.”