Robert E. Lego; or, the E Stands for Excellent

Robert E. Lee
Marse Robert lives on at the Uncyclopedia:

Robert E. Lee (1807–1870), or, as his club buddies call him, the iron horse, is a man of note in American history for his actions in the Civil War, in which he fought for the both sides. The first Asian-American military general, he dealt with many important situations like The Beatle of Gettysburg and the Impeachment of Richard Nixon. He had the most battle spirit of all the Confederate men, and a large beard that he once lost a sandwich in.

The article also quotes Ulysses S. Grant as suggesting that the “E” stands for “Excellent.” Our entry suggests differently, but it hasn’t gone to fact checkers yet. While we wait for that, though, I’d suggest you check out the Uncyclopedic take on Thomas Jefferson, which is not safe for the easily offended, and contains this still unverified quotation:

And I call this the University of Virginia. And I also call for their basketball team to suck every year.

IMAGE: Thanks be to Flickr user Sir Nadroj for his Robert E. Lee.

Robert E. Lee should really consider shaving the top of his head completely, like me!

~ Martin Van Buren on Robert E. Lee

Sure, Lee can handle a gun... but can he handle ME?

~ Oscar Wilde on Robert E. Lee

The 'E' stands for 'Excellent'.

~ Ulysses S. Grant on Robert E. Lee

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  1. sir, you might want to do sue research on these topics. I would highly suggest you check your spelling, He was LONG dead before Watergate,
    he was not asian, and he didn’t really have much of a beard (sandwiches were NOT popular back then.


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