Credit: Wikimedia
Original Author: Susan B. Anthony, proprietor and manager; Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Parker Pillsbury, editors
Created: January 8, 1868
Medium: Newspaper masthead

Masthead for the Revolution

The masthead of the first issue of the prosuffrage weekly the Revolution includes the paper's motto: "Principle, Not Policy: Justice, Not Favors." By the second issue of the paper the motto was lengthened to include: "Men their Rights and Nothing More, Women their Rights and Nothing Less." First published on January 8, 1868, the Revolution was run by Susan B. Anthony, who was listed as proprietor and manager, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Parker Pillsbury, who served as editors. There were several other newspapers devoted to women's rights both before and after the creation of this one; however, the Revolution was considered the most radical of its time, and soon became the official voice of the National Woman Suffrage Association, founded in 1869. The first edition of the paper declared its mission to advocate for women's rights in every sphere—in politics, religion, social life, and commercial and financial policy. The paper tackled feminist issues not generally mentioned in the mainstream press, such as reproductive rights, divorce, prostitution, domestic abuse, rape, and discrimination against women in the workplace.