Nancy and Dwayne, Danville, Virginia, 1970 by Emmet Gowin (1941– ), of Danville. Says the photographer:

The two children, the boy and the girl, are so simple and so complicated. I remember in the micromoment, I was aware that her hand was whiter than everything else. They were fighting, and they fought long enough that they went from being mad to being reconciled, and then they were tired. And they were in this little moment of catching their breath. I always loved his heel. It’s a little bulb of a thing, and his shadow. In any case it’s good. It’s good in all of its aspects, down to details you could never, ever orchestrate.


One thought on “Reconciliation

  1. I love what he wrote about his photograph. There is something beautiful and crackling exciting when someone knows what they’ve made is good.


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