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From the comments section of an interview with Encyclopedia Virginia contributor Henry Wiencek, author of Master of the Mountain: Thomas Jefferson and His Slaves:

To all of you, did anyone of you personally know Mr. Jefferson? Oh, that’s right, he died before ANY of you were born! I truly hope that 100 years from now, no one tries to publish a book about what was in Bill Clinton’s or Barack Obama’s mind. Mr. Jefferson gave a lot to enrich our lives here in the United States and perhaps this so-called author should write about the Constitution and the fact that he has the right to publish whatever he wishes to publish. Yep, born here and tired of the ‘Let’s get TJ Group’! Why don’t you write about something you have first hand witness to? There is NO proof that Mr. Jefferson fathered Ms. Hemming’s children and I am sick of hearing about it.

After the jump, a different take.
IMAGE: Thomas Jefferson Memorial Statue (Wikipedia)

Cartoon by Kyle Baker


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