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From Confederate Veteran magazine, October 1913:

Behold the picture: Black, ignorant, yet faithful, the servant of the sixties, at the call of his master, was quick to leave the old plantation and go to the front to bear the burdens of the master, forage for him, and nurse him while sick or wounded, and in death lifted the body of his beloved master, bore it from the battle field, and took it back to the old plantation and family burying ground. The negro slave delighted in serving his white folks.

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IMAGE: William “Ten Cent Bill” Yopp (left) was the wartime body servant of Thomas Yopp (right), a captain in the 14th Georgia Infantry (


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  1. Bill Yopp is often cited as having been a soldier, based his later admission to the Georgia Confederate Veterans home and subsequent burial in the local C.S. cemetery. It’s important to understand, though, that those distinctions were awarded in recognition of work Yopp had done for years, raising money for the residents and bringing them small gifts during the holidays — not based on his role in 1861-65. The famous Southern CW historian Bell Wiley know Bill Yopp, and talked about him in his first book, Southern Negroes. Wiley was very clear that, during the war, Yopp was not a soldier.


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