Will of Richard Hakluyt (the younger) (August 20, 1612)


In this document, dated August 20, 1612, Richard Hakluyt (the younger) provides his last will and testament.


In the name of God, Amen. The twente day of August in the yeare of Lord God one thousande six hundreth and twelve, I Richard Hackluit, person of Wetheringsett in the countie of Suffolke, being of good and perfect memorie thanked be God, revokinge and frustrating hereby all former wills or testaments whatsoever heretofore by me thought upon or made, doe make declare and ordaine this my last will or testament hereafter followinge. First I commend my soule into the hands of God from whence I received the same, trusting thorow the only merits of Jesus Christ and the sanctification of the blessed Spirit to be both in body and soule a member of His most holy and heavenly kingdome. And as concerninge my body I yeald it (by course of nature and God his ordinance) unto the earth to be nevertheless decentlie buried (in hope of a happie resurrection) by the discretion and charges of my executor.

Item, I give unto Edmond Hackluit my only sonne and to his heires for ever all that my manour called Bridg-place with all royalties, perogatives, proffitts, and advantages, with all the landes meadows pastures woods underwoods or other the appurtenances to the said manour anyway belonginge or appertayninge in as full and ample manner as I lately purchased the dame of Mr. John Scriven late of Barbican in the suburbs of the cittie of London. Also I give unto the said Edmond Hackluit and to his heirs for ever all that my tenement with the landes thereunto belonginge lyinge and beinge in Leominster Oare now demised by my brother Oliver Hackluit for sixteen nobles a yeare, further I give unto the said Edmond Hackluit and to his heires for ever all those my tenements lying in the north west end of Tuttell-streete in the cittie of Westminster wch I lately purchased in fee of one Mr — Line, neere adjoyning to the inn called the White Harte upon condition neverthelesse hereafter followinge and not otherwise, that is to saye that the said Edmond or his assigns doe paye or cause to be payed unto Mr. Thomas Peters late of Fleete Streete in London to the use of Francis Hackluit the wife of me Richard Hackluit the full and whole somme of three hundreth pounds of lawfull English money, in full contentacion and satisfaction of a certain bond obligatorie heretofore by me sealed and delivered for the contentment reliefe and maintynance of the said Francis, in such manner & forme as in the said bond is specified. Howeit my meeninge intent & will is that yf the said Francis or her assigns doe deliver unto the hands of my said sonne Edmond the said bond obligatorie whereby it may be lawfully cancelled and be freed and for ever lawfully discharged from the said dett of three hundreth pounds, and of all penalties or forfaytures there upon arising or to arise at any tyme hereafter within one moneth and immediately ensuing after my decease, without fraud cooven or delaye, that then I will that after the deliverye of the bond aforesaid that all the said tenements lyinge &beinge in the north-west end of Tuttell-streete aforesaid devised to my sonne Edmond, shal be and remain fully wholye to my said wife Francis and to her heirs for ever as fully & whollye as I had before appointed them to my said sonne and his heires, any gifte or graunt whatsoever to the contrarye in any wise notwithstanding. Also, I will that the said Francis my wife shall have all plate jewelles and household stuffe of what nature soever which are in the possession of me in any place whereof the said Francis was possessed in the tyme of her widowhood by administration.

Item, I give & bequeath unto Oliver Hackluit my brother the somme of tenn pounds to be payd unto him or his assignes within one yeare next ensuing after my decease, to be bestowed amongst his sonnes at his own discretion. Item, I give and bequeath to Joane Hackluit, daughter of the said Oliver, other tenne pounds, to be payed unto her within two months nexte & immediately ensuing after the day of her marriage the same being lawfully demanded.

Item, I give unto my sister Katherine Morer, dwellinge in Holbourne, the somme of twentie pounds, tenn pounds whereof I will to be payed unto her within one month after my decease, and the other tenn pounds within six months after my decease.

Item, I give & bequeath to John Morer, her sonne, fiftie shillings to be payed unto him within one yeare after my decease and likewise other fiftie shillings to Barbary Moorer her daughter to be payed her also within one yeare after my decease.

Item, I give to Mistress Longe, dwellinge in the Tower, twentie shillings. Also to Mr. Thomas Peters and to his wife to either of them twentie shillings, which last three poundes I will shalbe payed within one yeare after my decease.

Item, I give unto Mr. Edward Riggs, twentie shillings & my best cassock, desiringe him to preach a funerall sermon at my buriall.

Item, I give unto Mr. Colman my curate tenn shillings and my old gown.

Item, I give to my sister Bacon tenn shillinges, and to my servant Thomas Button tenn shillinges, and to Lionell Pearson five shillinges, and to Mary Upson three shillings & fourpence. Also I give to the townsmen of Wetheringset and Brockford, to be distributed tot eh poore people by the discretion of my executor and the churchwardens for the tyme beinge, the somme of five markes to be payed within one year after my decease.

Item, I doe give to the worshipfull college of Westminster, the somme of five pounds to be payed into the hands of the treasurer within sixe months after my decease, towards the repayring of the north windowe of the said church. Also whereas I have a table a bedstead and certaine furniture of hangings, pictures and other implements in a chamber belonginge to me in the Savoye I doe give and bequeath them all unto the said house to the use of the Dorturye their. Also, whereas I have at Bristow sundry implements hangings and furniture their in my lodgings & chambers, I do freely give all to the only use & benefitt of the said College, to be disposed at the discretion of the right worshipfull Mr. Deane.

Item, I give to my cousen Thomas Hackluit two doublets, two paire of britches, one of my best shirts & twenty shillings in money. I give to Oliver Cogram my good friend, one of my old cassocks, an old doublet, and a paire of old britches, and a paire of coarse shetes. Further I give to my sister Katherine one of my gownes, which my sonne Edmonth thinketh good, and to be delivered before winter. Lastly I give to my loving cousen Mistress Dorothe Patrickson the somme of fyve poundes to be payed unto her within six months after my decease. And likewise I give to the worshipfull Mr. John Davyes her sonne, the somme of other five pounds, to be likewise payed him within six months after my decease, whom I heartelye intreate & appoint to be the only supravisour of this my last will ad testament, that accordingly in all payments it may be truleye & effectually performed, whose counsaile I have used heretofore in my two later purchases of Bridge place in Suffolke and my tenements in Tutell streete as is afore remembered. Also I give to Mr. Richard Ireland and to Mr. Wilson now scholemaster of Westminster, to either of them tenn shillings as a token of my love and good will towards them, and to Michael Locke the younger other tenn shillings. And I ordayne Edmond Hakcluit my sonne my sole & only executor of this my last will & testament, unto whom I give hereby all my ready money, plate, jewells, billes, bondes, detts & dutyes, householdstuffe goods cattell corne implements chattels or whatsoever else to me belongeth or appertayneth to the end he shall paye my debts and legacies with all funerall expenses and undertake the proovinge of this my will and all other things which in right belongeth to an executor. In wittness whereof I have herunto sett my hand and seale the day and yeare first above written. By me Richard Hakluyt, person of Wetheringset. These being witnesses, Edward Riggs, John Colman, David Allshais.

[Probate was granted to Edmond Hakluyt on Novr. 23. 1616]

August 20, 1612
Richard Hakluyt (the younger), while living at Wetheringsett, writes his will, leaving the bulk of his estate to his son, Edmond.
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