List of People on La Trinidad Expedition (August 1, 1566)

The North Carolina Historical Review 46The North Carolina Historical Review 46

The following document, likely compiled on August 1, 1566, lists the members of a military and religious expedition to present-day Virginia, along with their parents’ names and residences. Two Dominican friars, three officials, and fifteen soldiers, in the company of a baptized Virginia Indian called Don Luís, were to sail on La Trinidad to Bahía Santa María, or the present-day Chesapeake Bay, and there establish a colony and convert the Indians. Storms forced them to Spain, instead. This document was written in the hand of Diego de Carmago, the expedition’s secretary. The records of the expedition are stored at Archivo General de Indias in Seville, Spain (Patronato Real 257, No. 3, R. 4). This English translation, by L. A. Vigneras, was originally published in the North Carolina Historical Review and is reprinted by permission.

The North Carolina Historical Review 46

The North Carolina Historical Review 46

List of the persons who, in the service of God Our Lord and of His Majesty, by order of commander (adelantado) Pedro Menéndez, go from Fort Santo Agustín in Florida, to the land which is in the 36th degree and beyond, called Bay of Santa María and Land of Santiago.

  • Fray Pablo de San Pedro, governor, son of Gil García and Ana García who reside in Villalva de Guete
  • Fray Juan de Acuña, son of Mastre Juan Pepín and Esperanza Rodríguez de Acuña, born in Granada
  • Captain Pedro de Coronas, son of Suero de Coronas and Teresa Pérez de Cangas, who reside in the district of Tineo, in Asturias
  • Alférez Pedro de Salazar, son of Pedro de Salazar and Francisca de Morales, who reside in the town of Palomares, in the Mancha de Aragón
  • Diego de Camargo, notary public and recorder of deeds and secretary of the said expedition, son of Sancho de Camargo and doña Leonor de la Serna, who reside in Granada
  • Lázaro de Ripalta, son of Pablo de Salamanca and Juana Gómez, who reside in Toledo
  • Antonio Morales de Carrasquilla, son of Juan Ruíz de Carrasquilla and Marí Díaz, who reside in Ronda
  • Lázaro de Vitoria, son of Periche de Vitoria and Ysabel Mozárabe who reside in Toledo
  • Antonio Osorio, son of Martín López Osorio and María Brizeño, who reside in El Corral de Almager
  • Juan Ramírez de Alfaro, son of Juan Ramírez Rabadán and Catalina de Alfaro, who reside in Triana
  • Pedro de la Paz, son of Pedro de Quesada and Leonor de la Paz, who reside in Granada
  • Garcí Martín de Zarzuela, son of Francisco Martín and Leonor García, who reside in El Almendralejo, in the Maestrazgo of Santiago
  • Francisco Cardoso, son of Francisco Cardoso and Ysabel Rodríguez, who reside in Segura de León
  • Alonso Meleno, son of Pedro Meleno and Beatriz Fernández de Mella who reside in Toro
  • Antonio Pereira, son of Blas Pereira and Ana Carneira, who reside in Opporto in Portugal
  • Sebastián Prieto, son of Alonso Preto and María Hernandez, who reside in the Isle of Saõ Miguel
  • Antonio López, son of Vicente López and Inés del Aguila, who reside in the city of Avila
  • Juan de Baños and Catalina de Lara, who reside in Zaragoza
  • Pedro de Arnao, son of Juan de Arnao and Lucia Maestra, who reside in Guete
  • Baltasar Fernández, son of Antonio Hernández [sic] and Catalina Domínguez, who reside in Tenerife
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