Letter from Sir William Throckmorton et al. to Sir George Yeardley (February 18, 1619)

Records of the Virginia CompanyRecords of the Virginia Company

In this letter, dated February 18, 1619, Sir William Throckmorton, Richard Berkeley, George Thorpe, and John Smyth inform Sir George Yeardley, governor of Virginia, that they have secured a patent for their plantation venture, Berkeley Hundred.

Records of the Virginia Company

To our honorable frend Sr George Yardley knight governour of Virginia geve this.

Sr we hold it fit to let you knowe, That since your dep[ar]ture from England, we have procured our patent for planta[tion] in Virginia (a copy whereof we herewth send vnto you written by the virginian boy of mee George Thorpe) wherin accordinge to your agreement with mee George Thorpe, your name is vsed for five shares, done by the advise of Sr Edwine Sands, but if you please to cast more of your shares amongst vs (wch we also wish) we shall willingly assent theirvnto.

We had also sent our men and ship at this tyme, but that it hath pleased god to keep her wind bound in Ireland since before your de[par]ture to this [pre]sent, where yet shee remayneth: By wch onely accident we have lost this season, but doe entend (god willinge) that shee shall leave the coast of England, by the first of August next wth fifty men furnished for that cuntry. And doe earnestly desire before that tyme (if possible) to vnderstand from you what proportion of victuall and munition will bee fit to send wth them.

Records of the Virginia Company

— page 137 —

Of wch ship and company we hereby offer you a full fift [par]te if it soe please you to accept thereof, And doe entreat your effectual furtherance in choyce of the place where wee shall sit downe, and all other favors whereof you will bee pleased to make vs your frends [par]takers, wch we in England shall be most willing to requite.

If of this our offer you accept Then are you to send by the returne of this ship soe much good marchantable comodyties as doth amount to a fifth [par]te, An accompt of the charge whereof we will send you by the ship.

Even soe wth our frendly respects we rest
Yor very lovinge frends
WmThrokm[or]ton, Rich Berkeley
Geo. Thorpe—John Smith
London. 18 ffebr. 1618.

[Indorsed:] Copy of a [letter] to Sr Geo: Yardley in febr. 1618. to Virgin. from London.

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