Letter from Robert Tindall to Prince Henry (June 22, 1607)


In this letter, dated June 22, 1607, colonist Robert Tindall writes to Prince Henry, King James‘s son and the patron of his voyage to Virginia, that they have safely arrived. Along with the letter, he says he includes a map of their exploration from Jamestown up the James River. This map has been lost; however if it existed, it would predate John Smith’s Map, making it the first map of Virginia.


“Mightie Prince.—I thought it no lesse than my duty beinge imployed in this voyage of Verginia, In all humble mannor to make your Princelye selfe acquainted with those accidentes which hathe happenned to us in this Our Voyage. May it therefore please your grace to accepte at the hands of your most humble and dutifull servant a dearnall of our voyage and draughte of our River, hear inclosed, by us discovered where never Christian before hathe beene, and also to let your grace understande wee are safely arryved and planted in this contreye by the providence and mercye of God, which wee finde to be in it selfe most fruitefull, of the which wee have taken a Reall and publike possession in the name and to the use of your Royall father and our gratious King and soveraigne: Thus ceasing for being too tedious and troublesome unto your grace, I in all humble mannour committ your princelye selfe to the protection of Almightie God whome on my Knees I daylye praye (as I am bound) to blesse and prosper your Godlye and vertuous proceedings: —

“From James Towne in Virginia this: 22. of June 1607.

“By your Graces most humble dutifull and faithfull servaunte and Gunner:

Robert Tindall.”


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