Letter from George Thorpe to Sir Edwin Sandys (June 27, 1621)

Records of the Virginia Company

In this letter, dated June 27, 1621, George Thorpe informs Sir Edwin Sandys, treasurer of the Virginia Company of London, that he has secured a visit with Opechancanough, one of the most powerful chiefs of Tsenacomoco.


Records of the Virginia Company

Noble Sr I am §not§ a little glad that after soe much oposition the busines of Virginia doth stand vppon soe equall feet that you were able to make soe nere a frend soe worthie gouernor thereof, vnto whom att his arriuall if my aduice or seruice maie bee of any vse I shall much reioice seeinge I cann neuer forgett howe much my obligation vnto you is, God hath all this yeare hithevnto extraordinarily blessed vs wth health and nowe of late alsoe after a great drought wth the hope of a plentifull haruest of all kind[s] whose holy name bee blessed. I am wthin these x: daies goinge to Abochanchano who hath diuers times sent for mee as hee saith out of desier hee hath to bee further informed of some thing[s] by mee offered vnto him att or last meetinge. I praie god giue mee succese according to my intention. Soe I rest.

Sr Yours most assured to searue you
Geo: Thorpe
James Cittie this 27th of June 1621

[Indorsed by Sir Edwin Sandys:] Mr George Thorp from Virginia 27. June 1621. to Sr E. Sañ: from Mr Thorpe 27 June 1621.

[Addressed by self:] To my Hoble ffrende Sr Edwine Sandis Knight giue these.

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Thorpe, George. "Letter from George Thorpe to Sir Edwin Sandys (June 27, 1621)" Encyclopedia Virginia. Virginia Humanities, (07 Dec. 2020). Web. 13 Apr. 2024
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