Consecutive pages from the August 19, 1946, issue of Life magazine:

ROBERT EDWARD LEE IV: Today Lee descendants are scattered all over the U.S. Robert Edward Lee IV (above) is great-grandson of Confederate general. World War II veteran, ex-Sergeant Lee is studying at Washington and Lee University, where his great-grandfather once was president.
MODEL POSES for students of the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture on the shore of Lake Wesserunsett in Maine. The model, who is standing on a picturesque piece of driftwood, gets $25 a week plus room and board for doing this work. Students pay $385 tuition for July through September. Some students are given scholarships.

Slightly morosely, REL4 is pictured in the mausoleum of Lee Chapel in front of Recumbent Lee, a statue by Edward Virginius Valentine depicting a resting, but let’s face it, dead-looking, general.


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