Opechancanough Miles' WWI Draft Registration Card
Original Author: U.S. Government
Created: Sept. 12, 1918
Medium: Manuscripts/Texts, Government form

Opechancanough Miles’s WWI Draft Registration Card

Opechancanough Miles, a resident of Lester Manor Lane in King William County, filled out this draft registration card on September 12, 1918, at the age of twenty. The card asked those registering to identify their race, including a section for citizen or noncitizen Indian. Miles, most likely a member of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe, marked that he was a noncitizen Indian. The King William County Registrar, under a section that asked him to certify that the answers on the card were true, added the note: “I consider him a citizen.” This shows how arbitrary factors such as one’s address and the political mood of the United States could affect an Indigenous person’s legal status and protections.