Nottoway River Interpretive Tour


This virtual tour features an interview with Beth Roach, a citizen of the Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia. Roach is the vice chair of the tribe’s council and heads its environmental initiatives and storytelling programs.

Roach offers insights into the tribe’s current and historic relationship to the Nottoway River and the environment. She discusses how the riparian landscape has changed over time; the river’s importance to the tribe; the tribe’s environmental responsibility to the river; and the Nottoway migration story. She also recites part of the tribe’s thanksgiving address in Nottoway and translates it into English.

The tour’s audio was recorded during an October 2021 kayak trip along the Nottoway River in Southampton County.

This tour includes six 360-degree panoramic images. Each image contains an audio clip. To see the complete image, click and hold your mouse button and drag to spin the panorama in any direction. To navigate to other panoramic images, either click on the red icons or use the markers on the map which is accessible in the upper left of the tour.