New Sheriff

We know him around here as Gibby, or MSG2D, or Dr. Sweeg, or just “Hey!” as in “Hey, can you trouble shoot this XML issue?” And we offer the above photos in a specific attempt at keeping him humble because today the news drops that Encyclopedia Virginia‘s founding editor, Matthew Gibson, has been named the new executive director of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.
You can read all the details here. About his CV, his Ph and his D, as well as his various accomplishments in the public humanities and especially at the encyclopedia—which he took from nothing at all and turned into something that, well, we’re all very proud of. His vision created this resource and allows it to continue to grow and thrive.
Which is all fine and good.
But what about that dude (above) with the white man’s overbite? What about the dude (below) in that … shirt?
This is who we’ve had to deal with these last ten years or so. And this is who we’re going to miss.
Or how about Matthew Gibson the woodcut artist? These are just a few of his pieces, the ones that happen to be hanging here at the office.

In the official press release you also probably won’t meet the frantic beekeeper, the basketball fan, and the still-not-quite-reformed skateboarding punk-rock kid who has Joan Jett hanging in his office. (Not literally Joan Jett, btw.)
So we wanted you to know all that and to hear our congratulations. For him to hear our congratulations. And to know that VFH is in good hands.


7 thoughts

  1. Love this (and congratulations, Matthew!), even though I missed any reference to his impressive talent for dramatic readings.

  2. I’m just sad I’ve never seen that neon madras shirt. But never mind . . . for now it’s all huzzahs!

  3. Congratulations! I remember how nice it was dealing with you when I was writing occasional entries for EV.


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