Original Author: Unknown
Created: ca. 1864
Medium: Bronze Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor for Black Seaman Joachim Pease

This Medal of Honor, the highest and most prestigious military decoration conferred by the U.S. government, was awarded to a Black seaman named Joachim Pease for his courageous actions during the Civil War. Pease bravely remained at his post loading and reloading a gun on the USS Kearsarge during a fierce battle with the Confederate raider CSS Alabama off the coast of Cherbourg, France, on June 19, 1864. A divisional officer recognized Pease's gallantry under fire and recommended him for the prestigious honor. After the Kearsarge returned to the United States, no records trace Pease's subsequent life.

This five-pointed bronze Medal of Honor depicts Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom and warfare, at its center, as she holds off an opponent holding snakes with a shield blazoned with the escutcheon of the United States.

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