Four panels showing farmer on McCormick mower, McCormick factory complex, sad man who didn't buy a McCormick product, and a young girl surrounded by daisies
Original Author: Gies & Company, Buffalo, lithographer
Created: 1881
Medium: Lithographed brochure

Advertisement for McCormick Steel Mower No. 4

This is part of an elaborate fold-out brochure produced for the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company in 1881 to advertise its agricultural machinery. At top, a farmer showcases a new McCormick mower—Steel Mower No. 4—which is described as "the simplest in the world." Beneath the farm scene is an image of the enormous McCormick factory complex in Chicago, described here as "the largest in the world." Production is in high gear, as indicated by the smoking chimneys and the railroads that surround the buildings to transport goods to and from the industrial facility. A panel at the bottom of the brochure shows a disgruntled farmer who says, "I took a cheaper machine and lost part of my crop." The fold-out is closed at bottom right by the image of a beautiful young woman surrounded by daisies.

Citation: The oldest reaper alive!: the father of them all, ... XX(6856257.1). Special Collections, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

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