Let There Be Light

Agnes Boxley* by Rufus W. Holsinger (May 5, 1927). The typed text around the image reads: “Mr. C. L. Carter, Manager of Virginia Public Service Company, testing giant Sperry Search Light recently installed on the roof of the Monticello Hotel, Charlottesville, Virginia. 1,380,000,000 Candle Power. Beams of light declared visible at 300 miles at proper elevation and favorable atmospheric conditions. Reflector, Ground Glass Mirror, 62 inches in diameter. Search Light weight, 4,500 pounds. 25 Horse Power Motor required for operation. Many interesting tests will be made this summer.” (Holsinger Studio Collection, Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia)
COMMENT OF THE DAY: From a reader on Facebook: “It would take very little modifaction to turn that into a Bat Signal.”
* I think it’s very possible that in this instance, the library has affixed another photograph’s title to this image.


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