Landon's Day (A Late Runegado Edition)

On this day in 1776, a Thursday, Landon Carter—not yet aware of what had occurred at the Continental Congress in Philadelphia—entered the following into his diary:

Yesterday brought me from Jos. Harwood £30 for my horse Nimrod; one 12 pound one 10 pound and one 8 pound note, James River bank.
I hope I am not deceived when I say that this Mr. Bruce seems to be an honest and, in this instance of the American struggle, not what the diagnosis of Toryism would call a moderate man: for he seems to be quite hearty in the cause although a Scotchman; I have had much conversation with him detesting the behaviour of his countryman, in particular a late runegado to Govr. Eden and Dunmore, who carried off all the slaves and servants almost out of Maryland.

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