Jefferson Tho. Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson (Sally Hemings) TJ Jefferson Mr. Jefferson

Jefferson Jefferson JEFFERSON!!! outrage Jefferson DNA father oops some shame Thomas scandal Sally defending Hemings Jefferson Jefferson Hemings disgusting Jefferson can you TJ believe Sally end times vindication fallacies Thomas Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson omissions Jefferson contradictions family black mixing master white Jefferson slave Sally Hemings mulatto dirty Jefferson linen Paris you and the plantation ooh la la Jefferson Hemings Jefferson extraordinary JUSTice Hemings privileges Jefferson interracial integrity The alleged liaison began when used a sample of Thomas Jefferson’s DNA, but that is not true himself suffered debilitating migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, and severe urinary and intestinal problems that have to wonder what made Jefferson!!! Hemings a “vindictive political attack” even dead Jefferson white Jefferson what males deserve Jefferson actually did more during his life against slavery Hemings Annette Gordon-Reed “by their fruits ye shall know them” the unproven “facts” of All The Jefferson-Hemings Hemings-Jefferson Monticello University of Poplar Forest Virginia’s Declaration on the State of Jefferson Jefferson Sally Martha Randolph Tucker Carter Bowles Harrison Jefferson allegations Herbert Barger interpreted to fit today’s FUSS and FEATHERED agendas Jefferson is Jefferson is Jefferson IS Thomas Sally JEFFERSON!!! It cannot be PROVEN CONCLUSIVELY Hemings Tom president so out of my D concern for N Jefferson’s A legacy is about.
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IMAGE: Thomas Jefferson by funkwood


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