IX Art Park Mural
Original Author: Marley Nichelle, photographer
Created: 2022
Medium: Digital photograph

IX Art Park Mural

This photograph, taken by Gullah/Geechee photographer Marley Nichelle, shows a family in front of a mural in IX Art Park in Charlottesville. Attendees of the 2022 Soul of Cville Festival collectively painted the mural, which centers on the quote: “There are Black people in the future” by artist Alisha B. Wormsley. IX Art Park is located a few blocks south of the area which used to be the Black neighborhood of Vinegar Hill, razed in a 1960s urban renewal project. The Charlottesville Mural Project conceived of the mural as a way to demonstrate the resilience and optimism of Charlottesville’s Black community. Photographer Marley Nichelle included this photograph in her photo essay: “No We are Not Oppressed” with a similar intention.