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Apologies for being away from my post for a number of days, and I return now with the sad news that the Encyclopedia Virginia blog has lost one of its biggest fans: Tom Wolfe, of Davenport, Iowa. You may remember him for his silly notes or for his provocative (and perhaps not entirely defensible) comparison of Robert E. Lee with Hitler and Stalin. We often disagreed, but what we forever shared was a love of history. You can see it in the photograph below the jump. He could have talked to that dude all day.



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  1. Dear Brendan,
    Please accept my regrets to you on the loss of such a remarkable father (should I say Father). I have just read his witty letters to your first grade teacher, the puzzled Mrs. Moe, which show his delightful talent with words.
    My condolences to you also, on your loss in coming along just a few years too late to have read that page-turning first grade classic Alice and Jerry series, featuring amazing deeds (“Run! Run, Jip.”” See Jim jump, Alice!”) by their preternatural dog Jip, that introduced me to fine literature.
    By the way, your dad should have appreciated Crosby Bonsall’s The Case of the Hungry Stranger, which introduced millions of kids to the mystery genre and freed a certain later generation of first graders from primer speak!
    May all your memories be as sweet as those in his “silly letters.”


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