Six people—one in prayer, two others with handkerchiefs over their faces—surround President William Henry Harrison on his deathbbed
Original Author: Nathaniel Currier, lithographer and publisher
Created: ca. 1841
Medium: Colored lithograph

Death of Harrison, April 4 A.D. 1841.

President William Henry Harrison, in office for only a month, lies on his deathbed, surrounded by his grieving niece and nephew, at right. The remaining figures, from left to right, are: Thomas Ewing, the Secretary of Treasury; Daniel Webster, the Secretary of State; an unnamed physician with his arms folded; and the Reverend Hawley, praying over the body. Francis Granger, the Postmaster General, stands in the doorway.

This colored lithograph was created by Nathaniel Currier, who later joined with James Ives to form the renowned printmaking firm Currier and Ives.