Friend of EV Lands Big Promotion

Maurice Jones has been named the next publisher of the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot. Jones has been a Rhodes scholar, a corporate lawyer, and a senior state official, but most importantly for us, he is a member of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities board and its subcommittee on Encyclopedia Virginia.
From the Virginian-Pilot‘s story today:

Jones’ appointment, which will take effect April 14, makes The Pilot the country’s largest daily newspaper with a black publisher, said Jeanne Fox-Alston, vice president for talent management and diversity of the Newspaper Association of America.
Jones, 43, also will be the first black publisher in Landmark’s history, [outgoing publisher Bruce] Bradley said.
“I hope that in whatever period of time I have to do this job, I won’t be remembered as just the first black publisher,” Jones said. “I hope people will say, ‘This guy made a positive contribution to this place.'”

As do we. Congratulations, Maurice, from all of us at VFH and EV.


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