Shooting, Victims of the Virginia Tech Mass (2007)


The following is an alphabetical list of students and educators shot and killed on April 16, 2007, by Seung-Hui Cho, a senior at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, also known as Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg. The students were awarded degrees posthumously. They are listed here with their courses of study and hometown.

Ross A. Alameddine, sophomore, studying English and French, Saugus, Massachusetts.

Christopher James Bishop, German instructor, Blacksburg.

Brian R. Bluhm, master’s student in civil engineering, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Ryan Christopher Clark, senior, biological sciences, English and psychology, Martinez, Georgia.

Austin Michelle Cloyd, sophomore, French and international studies, Blacksburg.

Jocelyne Couture-Nowak, French instructor, Blacksburg.

Kevin P. Granata, professor of engineering science and mechanics and biomedical engineering and sciences, Blacksburg.

Matthew Gregory Gwaltney, master’s student, environmental engineering, Chesterfield.

Caitlin Millar Hammaren, sophomore, international studies and French, Westtown, New York.

Jeremy Michael Herbstritt, master’s student, civil engineering, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.

Rachael Elizabeth Hill, freshman, biological sciences and French, Glen Allen.

Emily Jane Hilscher, freshman, animal and poultry sciences, Woodville.

Jarrett Lee Lane, senior, civil engineering, Narrows.

Matthew Joseph La Porte, sophomore, political science and French, Dumont, New Jersey.

Henry J. Lee, sophomore, computer engineering and French, Roanoke.

Liviu Librescu, professor of engineering science and mechanics, Blacksburg.

G.V. Loganathan, professor of civil and environmental engineering, Blacksburg.

Partahi Mamora Halomoan Lumbantoruan, Ph.D. student, civil engineering, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Lauren Ashley McCain, freshman, international studies and German, Hampton.

Daniel Patrick O’Neil, master’s student, environmental engineering, Lincoln, Rhode Island.

Juan Ramón Ortiz-Ortiz, master’s student, civil engineering, Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

Minal Hiralal Panchal, master’s student, architecture, Mumbai, India.

Daniel Alejandro Perez Cueva, junior, international studies and French, Woodbridge.

Erin Nicole Peterson, freshman, international studies and French, Centreville.

Michael Steven Pohle Jr., senior, biological sciences and German, Flemington, New Jersey.

Julia Kathleen Pryde, master’s student, biological systems engineering, Middleton, New Jersey.

Mary Karen Read, freshman, interdisciplinary studies and French, Annandale.

Reema Joseph Samaha, freshman, public and urban affairs and French, Centreville.

Waleed Mohamed Shaalan, PhD student, civil engineering, Blacksburg (originally from Egypt).

Leslie Geraldine Sherman, junior, history, international studies and French, Springfield.

Maxine Shelly Turner, senior, chemical engineering and German, Vienna.

Nicole Regina White, junior, international studies and German, Smithfield.

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