Eleanor Ross Taylor NBCC Finalist

ross taylor
Eleanor Ross Taylor is a finalist for a National Book Critics Circle award in poetry for her collection Captive Voices: New and Selected Poems, 1960–2008. From our entry:

Taylor’s poetry is most often compared to that of Emily Dickinson, Elizabeth Bishop, and Marianne Moore. “[O]f course I loved Emily Dickinson and read a lot of Emily Dickinson early,” Taylor remarked in 2002 interview with Blackbird, “but the first poet that really made me feel that poetry was contemporary and could relate to me right now, in the way that you know that all those wonderful heroines of poetry and heroes do, was Edna St. Vincent Millay. I read her as a teenager in school and just fell in love with her poems. I think it gave me a feeling of being able to approach current, everyday life.” The southernness of her background makes her tend to rein in her formidable intellect and biting wit with an uneasy deference to form and convention.

The awards will be announced in March.
IMAGE: Eleanor Ross Taylor, by Tom Victor (1999); courtesy of Louisiana State University Press


One thought on “Eleanor Ross Taylor NBCC Finalist

  1. Eleanor is most deserving of this award. Not only is she an excellent poet but also she is a wonderful person and a good friend.


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