Church of the Holy Mind Meld?

Regarding “The Spock,” an alleged church just south of Lynchburg whose religion is based on the Star Trek television series and, in particular, the fictional character Mr. Spock and his fellow Vulcans:

The ideology of the church is centered on so-called Vulcan philosophy which includes the belief in pure “logic” and which emphasizes a lifestyle devoid of emotion. A huge stained-glass likeness of the church’s namesake is featured in the sanctuary, where churchgoers recite sequences of dialogue from the series and participate in what they call a “Holy Mind Meld.” Many church members wear stick-on pointed ears (mimicking those of the TV character) during services and at other church functions (in one case of excessive dedication to the “faith,” one member attempted to have his ears surgically altered but with disastrous results, requiring extensive corrective surgery).

This is taking geeky fandom to its “logical” end, I guess. But is it real? The New Yorker‘s blog seems to think so. This link, however, is more skeptical.


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