Category: Twentieth Century History (1901–2000)


“Keep at a Safe Distance” (December 4, 1918)

In “Keep at a Safe Distance,” published by the Big Stone Gap Post on December 4, 1918, the editors report that influenza is reoccurring in communities thought to be rid of it. They warn of its virulence and give advice on how to avoid spreading and catching the virus.


“Preparing to Combat With Influenza Epidemic” and “Call For Nurses,” Big Stone Gap Post(October 16, 1918)

In “Preparing to Combat With Influenza Epidemic” published by the Big Stone Gap Post on October 16, 1918, the editors report on public health efforts in Big Stone Gap to prepare the city and surrounding region for the spread of the influenza pandemic of 1918–1919. They describe citizens’ participation and compliance with new policies as a form of patriotism comparable to military service in World War I (1914–1918), which is echoed in “Call For Nurses.”


“Roanoke News” (November 13, 1920)

In “Roanoke News,” published by the Richmond Planet on November 13, 1920, the editors report on the comings and goings of Black Roanoke with particular attention and enthusiasm for the Colored Women’s Republican Club of Roanoke and its president Millie Lawson Bethell Paxton.

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