Blueprrint of Leander McCormick Obersevatory as seen from above
Original Author: Wilson Brothers & Co., Civil Engineers & Architects
Created: September 28, 1882
Medium: Architectural blueprint

Original Blueprint of Leander McCormick Observatory

This 1882 architectural blueprint shows the exterior walls, floor plan, and entryway into the Leander McCormick Observatory at the University of Virginia. The observatory, which was dedicated in 1885, housed a refractor telescope that was then the second largest in the world. Leander McCormick—the Virginia-born son of Robert McCormick Jr. who helped revolutionize agriculture with his invention of a mechanical reaper—donated $78,000 (nearly three million dollars in 2021 currency) to build the observatory.

Citation: Leander McCormick Observatory Papers, 1870-1928, RG-6/8/5.071, Special Collections, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, VA

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