Best Wishes, Hugs and Kisses—The Devil

From the National Archives:

Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered to the Union on April 9, 1865. Six days earlier Confederate President Jefferson Davis had fled the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia. Jefferson was captured by the Union on May 10, 1865, five days after he dissolved the Confederate government and a month after Lee’s surrender. Davis was imprisoned for two years at Fort Monroe, Virginia.
While at Fort Monroe, Davis was sent a brief letter signed by an unlikely correspondent, “the Devil.”
Transcript of the letter:
Baltimore Aug 10/65
To His Excellency
Jefferson Davis
Old Hoss I heard you was in trouble can I render you any assistance, if so let me know.
Yours till I get you
The Devil
Transcript of the envelope:
To His Excellency
Ex President Davis
Wherever in the devil he is
(Hands off)


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