Being Edgar Allan Poe

Ahead of this weekend’s release of The Raven, Yahoo!News wants us to be aware of all the “peculiar similarities” between the writer Edgar Allan Poe and the actor John Cusack:

Cusack dove deep into Poe’s writing, hoping to get intimately in touch with the writer’s macabre spirit, but the two are actually more similar than Cusack might have initially imagined. Both men had at least one parent who acted professionally. Both men were writers—Poe of the vitally important literary variety, Cusack of the occasional entertaining screenplay and politically motivated blog post. Perhaps the most striking similarity though is that Poe was expelled from West Point for gross neglect of duty, and Cusack starred in and wrote a movie called “Grosse Point Blank” (1997). Eerily similar, don’t you agree?

No really.
IMAGE: Poe and Cusack (AP/Getty)


One thought on “Being Edgar Allan Poe

  1. Certainly the hair stylist is to be commended, but no one–no one–could replicate Poe’s massively wide forehead! What a cranium. Thanks for sharing this.


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