Archie, Zombies, KISS, and Thomas Jefferson

In this episode of WTF, we introduce the new comic book Archie Meets KISS, an adventure which features Archie but also zombies and the glam band KISS. What I especially love, however, is the review of said comic in the online journal PopMatters, which features Thomas Jefferson!

If you haven’t read Archie Meets KISS as yet, please do. It is Thomas Jefferson’s dream of a Natural Aristocracy come true in popular culture. The idea that we needn’t be cast into predetermined roles of “glam rocker” or “wholesome comic”, the idea that with nothing more than our natural talents we can achieve a social complexity beyond what we were able to imagine.
Archie Meets KISS speaks to a secret, hopeful world where capacity to achieve outweighs limitations imposed on popular culture. It is a flawless piece that plays out the strengths of both Icons to maximum effect. But the exchange between Archie and Jughead right on the heels of The Catman explaining the rise of the zombies really does make this My Perfect Panel.

And there you have it.


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