Alexander Hamilton, Stud

The article, in Bloomberg Businessweek, begins: “Alexander Hamilton was a stud.” It goes on to note his various accomplishments as a Founding Father and his notorious death at the hands of Aaron Burr, before announcing that he has now inspired his own hip-hop album.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the Tony Award-winning creator of Broadway’s In the Heights, is currently working onThe Hamilton Mixtape, a concept album that tells Hamilton’s life story through rap. Miranda performed parts of the Mixtape at the White House in 2009 and at Lincoln Center in New York City last year. “When I first read about him, I couldn’t get the stories of Tupac and Biggie out of my head,” says Miranda, whose new project coincides with a growing cultural fascination with the founding father.

Read the whole thing.
IMAGE: Alexander Hamilton illustration by Roberto Parada for BloombergBusinessweek


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