A Warm Place — Hell
Original Author: Paul Revere, Benjamin Church
Created: 1768
Medium: Prints/Drawings, Etching and engraving

A Warm Place — Hell

Boston revolutionary leader Paul Revere engraved this political cartoon to criticize the seventeen members of the Massachusetts House of Representatives who voted to rescind a 1768 circulatory letter critical of Parliament. The image depicts two demons with pitchforks forcing the rescinders into the burning mouth of a huge dog, symbolizing the gates of hell. One demon says, “now I’ve got you a fine hawl by Jove,” while the other says “push on Tim,” referring to loyalist Timothy Ruggles. Revere drew John Calef, another prominent loyalist, with a calf’s head. Revere copied the image, changing the particulars to suit his needs, from a volume of political caricatures entitled The Scots Scourge, being a Compleat Supplement to the British Antidote to Caledonian Poison

Beneath the cartoon is a short poem, written, as Paul Revere recollected, by Dr. Benjamin Church, who at that time was a prominent revolutionary organizer in Boston—his loyalist sympathies were not yet known to his colleagues. Revere signed the image “Pub[lishe]d accord[in]g to act by MDarly.” This image is in the collection of the American Antiquarian Society.